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Our Story

FuseForm is a Hong Kong 3D printer filament brand. Our goal is to provide the local and regional 3d Printer community with high quality reliable materials in a wide selection of materials and colors. We believe in supporting innovation within the industry and we are committed to helping growth and development of 3D printing and Maker communities. You can count on us to provide you with large stock and a wide selection of easy to use reliable materials in a variety of colors.
From professional designers to hobbyists alike, Fuse Form 3D filaments are an ideal material for endless innovation. With a wide variety of colors and materials to choose from Fuse Form has something for everyone and every project.
Share your project with us we love to see, what our users are creating, connect with us, and tag us with #fuseform #fuseform3D #fuseformfilament #fuseform3Dfilament #fuseformstory
Marble Surface








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